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Bottom Line Recommendations Always go for a certified diamond and avoid buying a diamond that is not been certified. It is the best way to get assurance on the quality of the diamond. What’s more, the value of the diamond will not decrease over time just in case you want to sell. Whenever you are …

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gia vs ags


 Bottom Line Recommendations Both the GIA and the AGS are considered two of the best diamond grading labs in the world. It is easy to view them as competing for grading labs. However, since they are so similar in their grading methods and since they were created not to compete with each other but to …

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I color diamonds

I Color Diamonds

Bottom Line Recommendations The best way to evaluate any diamond is to ensure you view the diamond yourself and not just relying on the diamond report. Icolordiamonds are a great choice when looking to save money while still getting a great looking stone with plenty of fire and brilliance. Take a look at this oval …

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G Color Diamonds

G Color Diamonds

Bottom Line Recommendations: The diamond color is the second most important factor to consider when buying a diamond. The prices of the diamonds rise the higher you go on the color scale. The G color is in the near-colorless range. However, when looked at face-up, the diamond appears as white as diamonds in the higher …

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