I Color Diamonds

I color diamonds

Bottom Line Recommendations

  • The best way to evaluate any diamond is to ensure you view the diamond yourself and not just relying on the diamond report.
  • Icolordiamonds are a great choice when looking to save money while still getting a great looking stone with plenty of fire and brilliance. Take a look at this oval cut here.
  • Some people with a strong color acuity may view the I color diamond as having a tint that is too visible. However, by using a yellow gold setting, the yellow color will cancel out the tint making the stone appear whiter.
  • Never use a white gold or platinum setting with an I color diamond. The white metal and the diamond will contrast making the tint even more visible.
  • You can go higher on the carat weight with anI color diamond since you are able to save significantly on the price as you can see here. However, be careful as it is much easier to notice tint in a larger diamond that it is to notice tint in a smaller diamond.
  • Considering that an I color diamond can be up to 40% cheaper than a D color diamond, there is a chance to save significantly on the price as well as go higher in the clarity scale to get a diamond with plenty of brilliance. Brilliance can also help hide the tint in an I color diamond. Take a look at this round cut diamond here.

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When shopping for your diamond, the natural thing to do is to search for the most colorless stone you can find. The reason the colorless diamond in the D, E, and F color grades come at a premium is due to their rarity. However, the great thing is that lower color grades also have the potential to appear white especially in the right setting.

A great option is choosing diamonds in the near-colorless range. These include the G, H, I and J according to the GIA color scale.

Picking a diamond that is lower in the color scale is a great way to get a good deal and save money. What’s more, you will often not have to sacrifice on the carat weight.

Every shopper has what they want in their diamond and their priorities are varied. Some people don’t consider an icy white appearance as a priority. They can, therefore, afford to go lower on the color scale and choose an I color diamond.

There is a lot of debate with the I color diamonds, however, as some diamond shoppers claim that they have too much color. The question becomes, is buying an I color diamond a good choice?

Let’s find out more.

I Color Diamonds

The GIA provides color grades to diamonds after comparing them to master stones held at the lab.  The GIA color scale starts from D and ends at Z.  The closer a diamond is to the D color grade the fewer tints it has and the closer it is to the Z color grade the more tints it has.

The D-F color grades are referred to as colorless diamonds for their icy white appearance and the fact that they have very little to no tint. Those in the G-J color range are considered near colorless.

Keep in mind that when judging fancy colored diamonds, the value increases with more color.

You will find the I color diamonds right at the center of the near-colorless grades. They will show a slight tint of brown or yellow. Their brightness and shine, however, can be the same as the colorless diamonds.

Note that the naked eye in most cases will not be able to differentiate between an E, F, G and I color grade diamonds. The differences in the prices, however, can be huge. Choosing an I color diamond allows you to save significantly on your money while not having to compromise on the carat weight.

In fact, the price difference can be between 10 to 15 percent between adjacent color grades.

Are I color diamonds too yellow?

There are tiny traces of minerals that cause the tint in I color diamonds. However, it is important to note that this tint is mainly visible when the diamond is set under certain light conditions.

When observed under natural light, the I color diamonds could appear completely white.

Improving the appearance of I color diamonds

As a diamond shopper, you may be constrained by your budget and are willing to go down the color scale as far as I color diamonds. Still, you may be wondering how you can improve the appearance of your I color diamond.

There are a few things that you can take into consideration.

First, avoid using white gold or platinum for your setting. This will contrast with the yellow in the diamond making it more visible. You can opt for a yellow gold setting. This cancels out with the yellow in the diamonds thus making it appear whiter than it is.

Secondly, choose the right cut diamond. Fancy shapes such as the pear cut and the marquise have sharp edges which tend to show color more. The round cut is a great choice as it doesn’t have edges.  If you don’t prefer the round cut diamond, you can still opt for the oval cut.

It’s important to note that certain cuts such as the emerald cut and the Asscher cut are more likely to show tint in the diamond due to their larger table facets. With I color diamonds, it is recommended to avoid such cuts.

If you are a big fan of cushion cuts, note that these come in a variety of looks. One look that you should particularly avoid is the crushed ice look. However, note that the crushed ice look tends to hide inclusions better than cushion cuts with larger facets. However, they also accentuate the color. Thus, for I color diamonds, it is recommended to choose a cushion cut with larger facets.

Are I Color Diamonds Worth the Money?

If you were to compare an I color diamond with an F or an E color diamond, there is a high chance you would not be able to tell them apart. Granted you may be able to tell them apart when you are comparing the diamonds side by side but how easy is it going to be?

The main difference will be in the prices of the diamonds and you can save a lot by choosing the I color diamond.

I color diamonds are definitely worth the money. The fact that you can save a lot means that you can also get a larger diamond. And if you are concerned about the tint, you can also use a yellow gold setting to make the diamond appear whiter.

Many diamond shoppers are under the impression that a diamond’s brilliance will be affected by its color. The brilliance of a diamond, however, has more to do with the cut than the color. That said, too much tint may cause the diamond to look less brilliant.

Make sure that when choosing your I color diamond, you give first priority to the diamond’s cut quality. An I color round diamond with an ideal cut will have plenty of brilliance and fire.

Choosing a round brilliant cut is a great way to hide the tint. Since they have a lot of brilliance the light action tends to mask the tint.

Also note that as much as you can achieve a larger size diamond, keep in mind that tint becomes much easier to perceive on a larger diamond than on a smaller one.

I Color Diamond’s Pricing Benefit

We’ve seen that the D, E and F color grades are priced at a premium. On average you may find a G color diamond being 25% cheaper than a D color diamond.  The low prices continue as you go down the color scale. An I color diamond may be up to 40% cheaper than a D color diamond.

Since the average eye will not be able to tell the difference between an I color diamond and a higher color grade, and with using yellow gold the diamond appears white.

As far as finances go, a diamond shopper has the benefit of getting a great looking diamond with amazing brilliance and sparkle at a fraction of the price of a D color diamond.

To make the best evaluation, ensure you buy your diamond from a seller who can provide you with 360-degree videos of the stone.

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