Oval Cut Diamond Buying Guide 

Oval cut diamonds are exceptionally popular because of its brilliance and large surface size per carat weight. It combines the techniques of round brilliant and marquise cut diamond in order to achieve a stunning beauty. After round, ovals are slowly taking the second spot.

DiamondBuild’s Bottom Line Recommendations:

  • Oval cut diamonds are exceptionally beautiful options to consider. Buy an oval cut diamond with a minimum SI2 clarity for under 1 carat and SI1 for 1.5 or above carat weight. 
  • Avoid an oval cut diamond that has a large bow-tie effect. 
  • Buy a GIA or AGS graded/certified oval cut diamond only. 
  • Color is important in on oval cut diamonds. G or above is great, but H or I are also great budget options. Consider medium to strong blue fluorescence in the H and I color range. 
  • In terms of cut, a depth of 61 to 68% is great and a table of 62 to 67% is ideal. 
  • Use James Allen’s 40X HD video technology to assess the cut of oval diamonds before buying it. 

James Allen Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamond – Cut Chart

Table%>62Btwn 63-66Btwn 67-69Btwn 69-70<50>70
Depth%Appro. 61Appro. 67Appro. 72Appro. 75<50>74
GirdleExtremely thinSlightly thickBtwnextr. Thin to thickExtremely thin to extremely thickVery thin to very thick
CutletNoneExtremely smallTinyAverage>average
L/W RATIOAppro. 1.60<1.30>1.55<1.25>1.60<1.20>1.65Bwn 1.20-1.65

Clarity Table Guide – Oval Cut Diamond

< 0.7 ct.FL-VS2SI1-SI2I1I2>I2
1-1.20 ct.FL-VS1VS2-SI1SI2I1-I2>I2
1.5-2.0 ct.FL-VVS2VS1-VS2SI1-SI2I1>I1
>2.0 ct.FL-VVS2VS1-VS2SI1SI2>SI2

Oval Cut Diamond Color Table Guide

<0.7 ct.D-GH-IJ-KL-M>M
1-1.20 ct.D-FGH-IJ-K>K
1.5-2.0 ct.D-FD-FG-HI-J>J
>2.0 ct.D-FD-FGH-I>I
FluoroNoneSlightly faint to mediumSomewhat StrongExtr strongExtr. strong

Oval Diamonds will forever be a thing! Here’s Why!

Every girl wants to have something shiny on the ring finger. There is an undeniable obsession that comes from diamonds in particular. To put it in a simple way, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. With that in mind, it is only safe to state that even though the diamond market seems to offer different options when it comes to diamonds, it is quite evident that a lot of customers simply love oval cut diamonds and will seek them out the moment they visit a diamond shop.

There is just something in these oval diamonds that people seem to love, and a couple of the reasons include but are not limited to; the diamonds having a romantic and feminine shape, having a brilliant yet mesmerizing sparkle, and the best of all, enhancing a woman’s ring finger. Now, with that in mind, is it only fair that people want to find out about these oval-cut diamonds get women head over heels for. Well, that is the purpose of this paper. The reader will get to know how these fantastic diamonds are made and what makes the diamonds so appealing and a complement to one’s lifestyle. 

What makes an Oval cut Diamond so unique?

From time memorial, oval cut diamonds have existed, and are a 1960’s creation by the great, Lazare Kaplan. For Lazere, Diamond cutting seemed to run in the family. Lazare’s cousin is credited for coming up with the best proportions that make up a modern round and excellent cut diamond.  Even to this date, oval cut diamonds seem to still go for the win. From recent history, the round cut diamonds had been the popular choice when it came to engagement rings. As time passes, it is the oval cut diamonds that are quickly becoming the girl’s favorite diamond shape. The elongated shape of the oval cut diamond makes it seem larger and also results in an illusion that makes the hands appear more slender.

One thing that makes an oval cut diamond unique is the 58 facets it contains, which give it a much more outstanding brilliance and fire. With such qualities, a bride or even the bride to be is sure to wear a smile all the way to the altar! If a man is not sure about the diamond ring to get the lucky girl, then trying the oval cut diamond could be the answer. This cut is also believed to represent how long a relationship might last. Maybe that is why the oval cut diamonds are gaining such widespread popularity.

A cut above

The big diamond cut and it’s quality

Bursting with both fire and brilliance, the oval cut diamond is a one of a kind choice for anyone that wants a unique, yet exquisite piece. Anyone that wants to get an oval cut diamond needs to note that the most crucial factor in any diamond is mostly the quality of its cut. A diamond’s cut significantly impacts the fundamental structure and beauty of the stone. Where does the diamond get its fire and brilliance? The secret is behind the cut!

One unique thing about the oval cut diamond is that the Gemological Institute of America sits this one out while providing the cut grading for the other shapes such as the Round Cuts. In this respect, the standard cut parameters to achieving a perfect Oval are unfortunately unachievable because of the Oval’s unique and complex structure. With that in mind, every cut recommendation for the Oval Diamonds can generally be something people regard as subjective and general.

That said, the best thing about the Oval Cut Diamond is that its beauty is determined by what a person, or rather the wearer tends to see. So, the advice everyone needs to heed when it comes to the Oval Cut Diamonds is to review each thoroughly, and also have a diamond expert in site to help in choosing the right one.

A poorly cut diamond tends to lack the ability to capture the most light. Interesting right? Well, there is something else that is interesting, the same poorly cut diamond will not reflect enough light through the top of the stones.

If you are new to this, all this information might sound a bit confusing. To help you through below is a guideline that will provide the parameters that ensure you get a quality cut oval diamond. However, just as the blog mentions, keep in mind that each of these parameters is subjective and general. In that respect, one should always have an expert present or personally looking at the diamond.

Oval Cut Diamond Guide


The famous and dreadedBow Tie effect

Now, due to the fanciness and elongated shape of the Oval Cut Diamonds, they almost always tend to have a bowtie effect. The particular dark space that stretches across the oval cut diamond’s center is primarily the bowtie. Any person that wants to spend some bucks on an oval cut diamond should keep in mind that the severity of the bowtie significantly differs among diamonds. In some case, people report noticing the effect quickly and at other times hardly seeing a thing.

One thing that is for sure is the fact that any Oval Cut Diamond that has a more prominent bowtie will distract the gazers from how beautiful the stone is, and especially when it is worn on that finger. Well, here comes another advice that you! As a buyer, when choosing an Oval Cut Diamond, you will be at an advantage after choosing one that does not have a dominant bowtie. Follow this step, and there is a high probability that everyone will be talking about that beauty you are rocking on your finger. Also, be sure to have a diamond expert that will review the precious stone you want so bad before making the purchase.

In case you do not have access to an expert, here is an example that will guide you on the difference between a non-visible as well a visible bowtie diamond. The difference will help you pick up the perfect stone for you.

How about the clarity?

There is one thing that differentiates us, humans. It is the need for to being and feeling unique. Some people want extra cheese in food, extra sprinkles in ice creams, and the ones that wear a ring want some extra blemishes and inclusion. These blemishes and inclusions that are present in different Oval Cut Diamonds explain the concept of clarity quite well. Due to the blemishes and inclusions, it is almost impossible to note the imperfections. But do not worry as this blog is available to guide you as well as help you understand the reasons why the experts recommend the SI1 or the S12 for the best Clarity as well as the best value.

You might be surprised to learn that the VS1 will cost approximately $5000, while the SI2 will cost around $3600, and yet both do not appear to have any blemishes to the naked eye. This difference is the main reason you need an expert to examine the precious stones and ensure that you do not lose your hard earned cash. With that in mind, because these differences are not visible using the naked eye, there is an all-important need for an expert’s eye or the microscope. It is, therefore, crucial to carefully review the oval cut diamond rather than solely making a personal decision based on a grading system that you may access through the internet.

By now, you can see that there is a pattern here right? It is absolutely vital to have an expert by your side while purchasing and when checking the clarity for an oval cut piece of diamond. In addition to the evaluation of both the Clarity grade and the bowtie effect, it is equally as important to personally review this precious Oval Diamond, as well as seeking the help of an expert in this field. One has the right also to check how the diamond will presumably appear after wearing it. The best thing about clarity is that this is your choice and most significantly, your money, so spend away!

Tired? Don’t be! Here’s more on the Oval Cut Diamond’s Color

If there is something that people will always be subjective about, is color! It is safe to say that these arguments baffle men considering most are color blind. However, worry not, with this blog, you are assured to understand the colors in these precious stones. First, the GIA is responsible for the grading of the colors, and the scale runs from D to Z. By the time this color section is over, you will have an open eye when it comes to the color scale. In the case where the diamond has the Z color grade, this means that this stone contains a very noticeable yellow or brown tint. See how easy this is going? Now, on the other hand, when the same oval cut diamond falls on the other end of this scale, which is the D grade, there will be an exact colorless shade on the diamond. Some people even state that this is the most colorless a diamond could ever be.

However, note that these colors are not visible to the naked eye. Luckily there are microscopes to help differentiate between the two color grades. In a case like this, the price difference is also significant. As a general opinion, the best recommended Oval cut Diamond color is the H color. The H color will ensure that stone you own looks white in a block of platinum or on a gold setting.

Preferences in people tend to differ, and if you do not prefer the colorless H color, there is an option of dropping down to either a J or a K. A, J or a K will ensure that you save your bucks and also end up buying a larger piece of Oval Cut Diamond. What makes the K color grade so unique is that it tends to beam a bright white in a rose gold setting. If you are still unsure of where to begin, start by getting access to a microscope, and everything will automatically fit in place.

Never grow tired of hearing this, but if you want to ensure that you get one of the clearest pieces of the Oval Cut Diamond, which also maintains the best price point, then the best route to take is to consult an expert and first get the right advice and idea. With that in mind, you will be able to choose the best Oval Cut Diamond making that ring finger the talk of the day.

The good old gold – The boss is the carat weight

After all, is said and done, the winner gets the piece with the higher carat weight in the Oval Cut Diamond. When it comes to a diamond’s weight, and indeed for the oval cut diamond, this means keeping an eye on the measurements presented in carats. The carats or rather the weight tends to significantly impact both the size and price of the diamond during purchasing. When one is looking for the best choice when it comes to weight or looking to having the best stone, comparing the sizes only works by comparing the surface areas that exist at the girdle plane.

When buying that diamond you have set your eyes on, remember that a stone with the most carats does not necessarily mean that it is the best diamond in the market. Here is another secret. A diamond that has more carats could be large, but could also, unfortunately, lack the shine and sparkle that a smaller better quality oval cut diamond could contain. Granted, it is necessary to provide considerable attention when it comes to the carat size. However, do not, in any case, make the carat size your main focus while buying that shiny oval cut diamond you desire.

A couple of that prove the Oval Cut Diamond is the best decision

It is no surprise that many celebrities including Hollywood’s prettiest choose to go for the Oval Cut Diamond. Most of these ladies tend to prefer this shape for the engagement ring. Here are a couple of celebrities that will make you change your mind on the other diamond shapes and instead go for the oval cut diamond.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Blake Lively has one of the most beautiful rose gold oval cut diamonds. Ryan Reynolds bought the ring and proposed in 2012. The ring is a 12ct light pink ring, and Lorraine Schwartz is the famous jeweler behind this unique ring.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Even though Katie Holmes did not get to experience a long-lasting marriage to her better half Tom Cruise, she got to wear a 5ct oval cut diamond engagement right. This particular ring left quite the impression and people today still whisper and mesmerize over it. The ring is an excellent cut with its Edwardian oval cut.


In conclusion, the Oval Cut Diamond is the ideal stone for anyone that has an active lifestyle. Simply because it does not contain pointed edges. The fancy Oval cut diamond is unique. The piece tends to generally showcase a rather distinct personality that goes hand in hand with a higher level of fire and brilliance.

While shopping for an Oval Cut Diamond, always ensure that the retailer is reputable, has some reviews, and most importantly, is licensed. This advice is even more useful to the individuals that prefer to shop online. Ensure that the retailer specializes in whatever one does and can quickly provide you with the certification of the piece of diamond that you are interested in. one of the reputable sellers of the colorless diamonds, and there is an assurance of a full refund if one is not satisfied with the diamond that is delivered.


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