H Color Diamonds

H Color Diamonds

Bottom Line Recommendations:

  • The H color is the most popular color grade with buyers in the US. The diamonds appear white to the naked eye and the prices are much more affordable than higher color grades such as D, E, and F.
  • Owing to the popularity of the color grade, it is much easier to resell an H color grade diamond.
  • The H color diamond is considered the watershed between colorless diamonds and tinted diamonds. If you are buying your diamond online and are not sure of the color grade for you, choosing an H color diamond is usually a safe choice.
  • For most people noticing any tint on an H color diamond will be difficult. Take a look here. Even while those with color acuteness may notice a warm tint when observing from the side profile, most people will observe the diamond from the face-up. This makes it much harder to notice.
  • When buying your diamond, we recommend doing so from James Allen and the Blue Nile. They offer the best quality 360-degree videos of their diamonds. This will allow you to compare diamonds in the near-colorless range and see why choosing the H color grade is probably the right choice for you.

James Allen Diamonds

The diamond color is the second most important factor to consider when evaluating your diamond next to the diamond cut. It has a significant effect on the diamond’s appearance.

Before a diamond can be given a color scale, it needs to be compared with master stones held at the diamond labs.

The diamond industry uses the GIA color scale when judging the color of a diamond. It uses a D-Z method of grading diamonds based on the availability of tint in the diamonds. Note that it is a completely different method when dealing with colored diamonds.

H Color Diamonds

H color diamonds are in the near-colorless range of the GIA color scale. They appear white to the untrained eye and the only way to tell the difference with higher color grades is to compare them side by side. This grade is the watershed between tinted diamonds and colorless diamonds.

Take a look at the GIA color scale as shown below.

ColorlessNear ColorlessFaintVery LightLight


You can get an excellent value diamond with the H color scale. This is because you can achieve a white looking diamond at only a fraction of the prices in the D, E and F color range.

Why opt for H color diamonds

The main benefit of H color diamonds is that even while observed from the face-up or from the profile, they still appear white. And they will maintain this look even in larger sizes.

The near-colorless diamond range includes G, H, I and J color diamonds. The H color grade is at the top half of this range. The majority of observers will not notice any tint of color at this grade even with diamonds higher up in carat weight. The result is that the diamond appears white.

Some people who have good color acuity may, however, notice the tint in diamonds in the near-colorless range and with larger carat sizes. This is certainly true when observing from the side profile.

As a smart shopper, it is important to read through diamond buying guides to be able to figure out clever tradeoffs. You can get a diamond that is much lower in the color scale, appears white and comes at an affordable price.

Also, getting a diamond that has an ideal cut will reflect plenty of light to the observer. This makes the stone appear whiter and have more sparkle.

The near-colorless diamonds are a great way to achieve the best bang for your buck. If it appears white when observed from all the angles and has great light performance, it will have key features that will make it appealing to the eye.

H color for engagement rings

Many sellers will recommend the H color when the buyer is not sure which color grade to go for. This diamond grade is the most popular with buyers in America. This is owing to the great balance that is truck between appearing white and coming at an affordable price.

Most buyers who are looking for a stone for an engagement ring will buy a diamond in the D to K color range. The H color is the point between white diamonds and diamonds that have a noticeable tint.

Keep in mind that there is a huge difference in prices between color grades.

Comparing H color grade diamonds

Let’s take a look at a few comparisons from James Allen. View this G color grade diamond here and compare it with an H color grade here and an I color grade here.

As you can see, it is hard to tell them apart. It’s always a good idea to compare the diamond with adjacent color grades to be able to pick the one that most appeals to your eyes.

When you are comparing and evaluating your diamonds, always observe the side view or profile view. This is an easy way to notice any tint of color. If you notice a slight tint of color, you don’t have to worry as once it is set on a ring, it will only be observed from the face-up.

When the diamond has an ideal cut, the optimum light reflection in the stone will hide the tint. This means that a diamond in a lower color grade and has an ideal cut will have more brilliance than one with a poor cut and is higher in the color scale.

When buying your diamond, your priority should be to check the cut and then check the color grade.

H color diamond price

Compared to adjacent color grades, the differences between H color diamonds and higher or lower color grades are tiny and often not noticeable with the naked eye. However, the price differences can be huge sometimes in thousands of dollars.

D, E and F color diamonds are the most expensive as they have the least tint. They are rarest and therefore command a premium.

The H color diamonds are not as rare and therefore the prices are not as high but they still appear white to the naked eye.

Take a look at this H color round diamond price here and compare it with a similar-sized G color diamond here and an E color diamond here.

Investing in H color diamonds

Some people buy diamonds as an investment. However, while those in the colorless color grades which include D, E, and F, will likely appreciate, all other color grades will most likely depreciate in value over time.

Some diamonds lose value as soon as they leave the jewelry store. However, even with that being the case, considering the popularity of H color diamonds, they are much easier to resell than probably any other color grade.


The H color diamonds offer the best value for your money when searching for an affordable diamond that appears white. If you are buying your diamond online and are not sure about the color grade, the H color diamond provides a reliable and safe choice.

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