Important Insights

D Color Diamonds

D Color Diamonds

Bottom Line Recommendations: D color diamonds are the whitest diamonds on the color scale. Take a look here. They are also the rarest and command high prices. While you may achieve the same white look with diamonds lower in the color scale, knowing that your diamond is completely colorless gives it its psychological value. Even …

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Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Bottom Line Recommendations Before buying a diamond, it’s important to understand the different shapes to be able to pick one that most appeals to you. Some diamond shapes are cut to maximize brilliance. These are called brilliant cuts. Examples include the princess cut such as this one here and the radiant cut as you can …

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How to Buy a Diamond

Diamond Buying Guide

Bottom Line Recommendations… Buying a diamond requires careful evaluation of the different factors that affect its appearance and light performance. Understanding the 4Cs is the best way to make an informed purchase decision. These include the color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Coupled with these, the type of setting and the type of metal ensures …

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