Round vs Oval Cut Diamond

Round vs Oval Cut Diamond

Bottom Line Recommendations

  • The round cut is the most brilliant diamond cut. If you want a stone with plenty of brightness then you should choose this over the oval cut. Take a look at an ideal cut round diamond here.
  • The oval cut is ideal when you want a diamond that has a lot of brilliance and fire and also makes your finger appear longer. Take a look at an oval cut here.
  • The oval cut appears larger than it is due to the elongated shape. You can go lower on the carat weight and still get a diamond that appears large. This is often not the case with the round cut.
  • If you are on a budget and are looking for a brilliant diamond, you can go for the oval shape. Less of the diamond rough is wasted plus the demand is not as high as the round cut. This means that the prices are low.
  • The oval cut also provides you with variety when it comes to the shape. You can choose a more elongated oval cut or a shorter oval cut depending on your preference. However, the round cut only comes in a round shape.
  • Due to the high brilliance of the round cut, it is much better at hiding color and imperfections more than the oval cut. See an example of this here.

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The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut. This is owing to its great fire and scintillation. However even while the oval cut may not match the round cut’s popularity, it is still one of the most fascinating diamond shapes.

Diamond shoppers who have recently taken a keen interest in the oval cut may want to know just how this shape compares to the round cut. One thing is for sure, the oval cut has a stunning and charming aura around.

Which If The Two Should You Choose?

If you are wondering which you should choose between the round brilliant cut and the oval cut, it will come down to personal preference and your budget.

The oval diamond shape is unique and appears larger than the round cut and yet costs significantly less.

The oval is also much rarer to find which invariably contributes to its uniqueness. It has an aura of sophistication and elegance about it and also offers lots of fire and brilliance.

On the other hand, the round cut sparkles and shines more than any other diamond cut. It commands a high premium and is an ideal choice when you are not concerned about the budget.

The round brilliance gives off a sense of vintage elegance and offers plenty of options.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Sparkle

Of all the diamond shapes in existence, the round cut has the most fire and brilliance. This is because of the structure of its faceting and the fact that its shape is concentrated.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you will not get remarkable fire and scintillation on the oval cut. You will, even if not as much as in the round brilliant cut.

The oval cut is, in fact, one of the, most brilliant diamond shapes out there. Its faceting structure is similar to the round cut.

The oval cut is part of the category diamonds known as brilliant cuts.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — The Size Difference

Our eyes are immediately drawn to the top and bottom shape of the oval. This causes the diamond to look larger than it is.

That said, note that it is not just about perception. The oval cut diamond is indeed 10 percent larger than the round cut’s surface area.

Since it is priced less steeply than the round cut, you get more diamond for less.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Price

One of the main benefits of the oval cut compared to the round cut is the cost. The oval cut diamond is by far more affordable and can cost up to 30% less than a round cut.

The main cause of the difference in price is that the round diamond has much more demand than the oval cut. Up to 75% of all diamond buyers will go for the round cut.

A second reason why the round cut is more expensive is that there is plenty more of the diamond rough that is wasted when cutting. Sometimes as much as 40% of the rough stone can be lost when making the round cut.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Shape Varieties

You will not get much variety when it comes to the round brilliant cut. This is because it can only come in a round shape and no other shape. The main difference will be in the size of the stone.

On the other hand, an oval cut can come in different varieties. It all comes down to the length-to-width ratio.

Oval diamonds can be wide, slender or longer. However, note that most oval cut diamonds will have a length to width ratio of between 1.30 to 1.66. This gives you plenty of choices.

The oval cuts that are 1.45 are the classic shape. That said, getting a longer oval cut diamond has the benefit of making fingers look slender.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Symmetry

Symmetry is an important consideration with both the round brilliant cut diamonds and oval diamonds. However, you can get away with a round diamond if the symmetry isn’t perfect.

This, however, is not the case with the more elongated diamond shapes such as the oval cut. The right half should be a mirror image of the left half. If there is any misalignment between the two points, you will notice this and the oval cut will not look appealing.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Rarity

As we’ve seen that since up to 75% of the diamonds bought will be round cuts, the oval cut is much rarer as the demand for it is not as high.

More round diamonds mean that you can narrow down your search until you find the perfect stone for you. The main difference will be in the size of the round cut.  This is not the case with the oval cut.

Whether this rarity of the oval cut is a good thing or not depends on the perspective. Being rare means, you have something more unique on your finger.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — The Bowtie

The round diamond is less likely to be affected by the bowtie than the oval cut. The round brilliant cuts do not have a bowtie. However elongated diamond shapes such as the pear cut and the oval cut are affected by the bowtie.

The bowtie is a dark area that lacks light and runs the length of the diamond and looks like a man’s bowtie. A quality cut oval diamond will have a less significant and less visible bowtie.

When it comes to the fancy cut diamonds, the fact that there is a lack of cut grading from the labs means that an oval cut diamond with a prominent bowtie may appear perfect on paper. It is therefore highly crucial that you ask for 360-degree videos and images of the diamond.

This will help you make the best choice.

Even while the round cut may have misaligned facets, and may be poorly cut, they will not be affected by a bowtie. Also, the round cut receives a cut grading from excellent to ideal to poor.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Setting

Both the round cut and the oval cut provide you with a great variety of choices when choosing the setting. The reason for the many setting options is because these two cuts lack sharp edges making them less prone to chipping and can be set without much protection.

That said the quintessential diamond shape is the round diamond and boasts a history that spans hundreds of years. The oval cut diamond, however, is a more recent cut.

Because of this, the round brilliant cut is suited for someone who is in a search for a more traditional and classic look while the oval cut will suit someone who is after a more modern and sophisticated look.

The great thing is that the oval cut is a versatile diamond shape and can be ideal for someone who has particularly long hands.

Round Cut vs Oval Cut — Color Grade

When deciding on the color grade between the oval cut and the round cut, make sure that you start by evaluating the two different shapes side by side. While two stones may be in the same color grade, one stone may have more inclusions and imperfections than the other.

Oval shapes and round brilliant cuts will not easily show color mainly because they exude more brilliance and can, therefore, hide color. The round diamond is better at hiding color since it has more brilliance. However, you can go down on the clarity scale and get a well-priced stone.


If you are trying to choose whether to go for the round cut or the oval cut, there are several factors that you may want to consider. These varying factors will be based on your situation as well as your personal preference.

It is the oval cut that offers a cheaper price. Since they have less demand than the round cut, their price is low. What’s more, you can go lower even further by getting a stone with less carat weight and more tint of color.

For example, if you have stubby fingers, are on a budget and you want something that feels unique, the oval cut is the ideal diamond shape of you.

On the other hand, if you are a discerning buyer, you are not under the constraints of your budget and you want a more traditional yet extremely brilliant stone, then you can go for a round brilliant cut.

The great thing is that as we saw earlier, the brilliance of the stone will allow it to hide the imperfections.

On the other hand, if you are not concerned about the price of the stone and are willing to spend more for the right diamond, you can get a quality ideal cut diamond with plenty of fire and brilliance. This will be a stone that will catch attention and draw the eye to it from the furthest corner of the room.

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